Monday, December 22, 2003

Lagging behind

I'm thoroughly offended by this:

The Bear Flag League Store

All I can say is the Rocky Top Brigade better get off their collective butts and compete, lest we lose our rightful place as the most influential blogger alliance in the 'sphere.

Heck, they're even sponsoring a prize in the 2004 Dead Pool...

So, hey, any industrious T-Shirt makers out there? Available are my RTB flag (at top right) or SouthKnox Bubba's version on his site.

Personally, I just want to see Glenn wearing an RTB hat, just so we know he remembers that he's a member.

Hey, Teresa - care to put a logo on one of your felt hats? Think of the licensing revenue!!

SayUncle could offer a stylish RTB sweater for your dog...or we could sell baby bibs with the RTB logo courtesy of BusyMom.


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