Monday, December 01, 2003

Guilt by Omission?

I usually try to stay away from (capital 'P') Politics, but this caught my eye (via Instapundit):

What’s in Howard Dean’s Secret Vermont Files?

"DEAN—WHO HAS BLASTED the Bush administration for excessive secrecy—candidly acknowledged that politics was a major reason for locking up his own files when he left office last January. He told Vermont Public Radio he was putting a 10-year seal on many of his official papers—four years longer than previous Vermont governors—because of “future political considerations... We didn’t want anything embarrassing appearing in the papers at a critical time.”
Excuse me, you don't want anything embarrassing to get out?

Doesn't this imply that there's actually something embarrassing inside?

True, they deny there's a "smoking gun", but why make the statement about something embarrassing if there wasn't anything there?

Also true, political opponents have a way of taking minute details and blowing them way out of proportion but if you're confident of your abilities and qualifications as a campaigner and potential president, there either shouldn't be anything big enough even to be usable, or you, your staff or your message should be strong enough to combat anything that might be dragged out.

So either he's got something to hide, or he's a weenie. I report, you decide.

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