Friday, December 19, 2003

Grim Grinning Ghost..

Apparently there's been a photograph taken of a ghost at London's Hampton Court palace. A security camera seems to have picked up an image of an apparition dressed in strange clothing closing an emergency door.

Here's the image from the security camera:

But our crack staff of gully dwarf photographers has been up all night drinking developing solution and somehow in their drunken stupor came up with some startling close-ups of the ghost. Here's one slightly pulled in:

And a close-up, unprocessed view of the ghost him (it)-self:

Using some patented zooming and sharpening techniques developed by Avon, they were able to clear up the image a bit:

And a bit more:

Until finally, the true identity of the malevolent spirit is revealed!!

And you thought he was going to London just to escape publicity....

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