Thursday, August 02, 2007

Of Course, Some People Go Both Ways...

Michael Silence hoists the championship trophy and declares victory:
When the history of new media is written this could be the moment cited when blogs became the MSM.
He's referring to retail giants Home Depot and Lowes removing ads from Bill O'Reilly's Fox Network show because he trashed blogs.

Ok. Maybe.

But then there's James Lileks, reporting on internet and TV coverage of the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse:
As much as I love the new media, you have to admit that the old mainstream media comes in handy in times like this. One guy with a website and a camcorder can provide perspective and unfiltered reaction, but there’s something to be said for organizations that have not only reporters and cameras, but helicopters.
(bold his)
It seems to me both forms of American media are progressing, and each has its own qualities and deficiencies...

I still don't have such a lofty view of blogging as Michael and some others do, as the heir apparent to American journalism and commentary. I'm am what I am, play my little piano, sing my little songs (Michael - reference?) and don't pretend to be any sort of reporter or pundit. And there are millions of bloggers just like that. The actual percentage of bloggers who might have some sort of public influence is pretty small - vocal, but small. The day bloggers replace the MSM is still pretty far off because the MSM keeps moving the boundaries.

With helicopters.

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