Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Has anybody had any trouble leaving comments on the posts? I realized recently that my PC at home won't open the Comments link (it must have something to do with pop-ups being blocked, I just haven't figured out how to fix it)

If you can't comment using the regular link, click on the permalink (my name at the bottom of this post) and comment using Blogger's system. Then I'll know if there's a problem or not...


  1. Blogger comment works for me.

    I've always been confused with having two links to comment. Which do you prefer?

    When do we convince you to switch to wordpress?

  2. When I can customize the template as easily as I can Blogger.

    Take a look around my page - do you think I could do half the things on free Wordpress I can do on here? I can go in and edit the HTML page directly on Blogger, and I have to rely on templates someone else designed on Wordpress.