Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In The Dark

Last night the kids were spending the night at my parents, so Laura and I had a free evening. We first thought about winging out in for the Caribbean in the dead of night and never turning back, but smartly reconsidered and decided to go out to eat instead.

There's a new place out in Turkey Creek called "The Irish Pub" that we'd passed several times, and it sounded interesting. Being slightly Irish myself (with a bit of Scot for good measure) we decided to check it out.

If you've even been to Turkey Creek (and face it, who hasn't?) you'll know the new *ahem ahem* Health System's West facility is right on the corner as you enter the Shopping Megalopolis. There's a traffic signal in front, but it was out. Curious.

As we drove on, it became apparent the traffic signal wasn't the only thing out. Power was out all along Parkside Dr. as it bisected the Turkey Creek Mercantile Emporium - stores and restaurants stood with doors open, no lights, people milling about. I think I saw a mime. Anyway, more traffic lights were out, so we inched along.

The Pub was on the other side of the HyperRetail Complex and as we made it past Regal Theatres - also sans power and dozens of theatre-goers pulling out of the parking lot, disappointed they were unable to see "Bratz: The Motion Picture" - we saw the traffic lights were on again. Pulling into the Irish Pub parking lot we found a space, went inside and was seated---

--And pretty much came right back out again after checking the prices. Yikes! Zounds! Back in the car!

Continuing down Parkside we stumbled across another small shopping SubUnit-to-the-Primary-Adjunct that had a couple places to eat so we tried them. First a new Italian place was also too expensive...

---Ok, time out a moment. Here's an observation. When you pass that traffic light heading west on Parkside just past the movie theatre - you know the one, you turn left to go up to Calhouns, the Irish Pub, Hobbytown and Pimento's Cafe, and right to hit Borders, Bonefish Grill, the Mexican Ambassador Cantina-whatever-the-heck-it's-called and Belk's.... you have officially entered Farragut. Please deposit $10 for the privilege of driving on our streets and breathing our imported air---

Anywho, we finally ended up at a new spot called Gridiron Burgers. Good prices, excellent burgers, lots of UT Football pictures and sports on TV's.. Well worth the time we spent getting to it.

Well, one small other detail. We've ordered our food, gotten the drinks and sat down...and the lights go out. Power outage had hit finally down that far. Fortunately the grills were still hot enough to cook and we got our food in decent time. The lights (and more importantly, the A/C) returned eventually and we finished up and headed for home.

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