Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So Many Thoughts...So Little Time....

It's amazing sometimes how many things and ideas and feelings are buzzing around in my head at one time, and how I can never get one of them to coalesce into a reasonable blog post....

Things I'm thinking about:

1) Fathers and sons - I'm reading "Big Russ and Me" by Tim Russert, and he's got a lot of thought-provoking anecdotes and stories about what a father is supposed to teach his son. I know everyone and their brother tells me what a good job I'm doing as a dad to BrainyBoy, but when I read books like these I realize how much more there is to be done...

2) War and justifications for war. And friends against friends. And all that jazz. It's on my mind constantly these days.

3) "Annie", and preparing for the final push to tech week. And where do I go from there.

4) Spending time with my wife. And kids. And friends and neighbors.

5) Job futures

6) Creative writing

7) Basic friendliness

Here's a quiz:

You sit down at your table at the restaurant and order sweet tea. Your waitress brings you unsweet tea by mistake, then realizes she brought the wrong thing. Do you:

a) Gush and thank her profusely for bothering to bring anything to your miserable self in the first place?
b) Tell her not to worry about it, you'll sweeten it yourself at the table and she can refill it with sweet later
c) Don't say anything and just drink it
d) Ask her to take it back and bring you sweet tea
e) (Think to self: Doofus, get the order right...) and then ask her to take it back and bring you sweet tea
f) Get upset and request she bring you what you ordered.
g) Swear profusely, crack the glass over her head and demand a new waitress

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