Sunday, November 06, 2005


Sometime late Friday night/early Saturday morning somebody got into our garage, into our van, and stole my wife's camera and camera case. The case also contained Tink and BrainyBoy's own little personal cameras. Laura's camera was full of undeveloped Halloween pictures. They also stole two empty laptop cases out of the back, before apparently getting spooked. There were other items in the car and in the garage they could've taken but didn't, for which we are fortunate.

We called the Sheriff's Dept and they sent out an officer who was quite nice and helpful. They even called out a crime scene tech who dusted the van for prints. It's doubtful we'll ever find the person or the camera(s) but there's always hope.

Here's a tip - record serial numbers for all your valuables. We haven't been able to find the serial number for the camera in our files, which makes recovery much more difficult.

Nobody can guess whether it was someone from the neighborhood, or just someone wandering or driving through looking for easy targets.


On a bright note, I found a drummer for "Annie" so that's a load off my mind. I worked that out Saturday night, but it was no compensation.

In church today I prayed for the robber, asking God to help him or her look into their heart and realize their guilt. I don't pretend to imagine they'll turn up on our doorstep tomorrow, camera in hand, begging our forgiveness. But if their hearts are turned in the slightest way back toward the light, it's ok with me.

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