Thursday, November 03, 2005

Open Comments Post

Okay, Congress is back in session again. Sorry about that nastiness yesterday - unfortunately, Glurp and his gully dwarf buddies got into a particularly nasty barrel of Otik's spiced ale and decided they were going to take over the blog. I was...ahem...tied up for the duration while he and the boys (girls, too? hard to tell) swung from the rafters, held rat races on the dining room floor and ate all the Cheetos.

So, anyway, Glurp's back in the basement where he belongs and all's right with the world.


So, I've never tried this before so feel free to use to comments to talk about whatever you like. Free flowing, just let it ride. Start a conversation, put forth a random thought (goodness knows there's enough of that around here) or say whatever's on your mind.


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