Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Challenge

So we're getting red light cameras.

A number of local bloggers have registered their opinions on the subject, with most believing they will cause more accidents than they prevent. And that the only motivating factor behind their installation is money.

I'm relatively agnostic about the whole thing, and while it seems like a good idea in theory a lot of the evidence suggests otherwise. So I'll wait and render an opinion later. Only what I really need to render said opinion is...more data.

I would like to challenge one of our enterprising local bloggers that are such opponents to the idea devote a special section of their site to tracking:

1) Where each intersection is that contains a traffic camera, and

2) What the rate of accidents is at each intersection

Then as time goes on, I'd like to see an objective comparison to previous years using factual data. Then maybe we can get some non-biased data to see whether they cause more accidents or not.

I would imagine there should be a month or two lag after they're installed, until Knoxville motorists get used to the concept.

Any volunteers?

Or if anyone can point me to an easily accessible data point, I might do it myself but I know a number of folks feel much more strongly about the issue than I do.

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