Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast

Feast Sixty-Nine - Friday, November 11, 2005

Appetizer - If someone made a statue of you, in which pose would you like to be?

On one knee, because it would symbolize, a) proposing to my wife, b) crouching down to look in the eyes of one of my kids, and c) kneeling before the Father

Salad - What perfume/cologne does your best friend wear?

Huh? I'm supposed to know that? I supposed Michael's favorite cologne is probably Eau de Gallifrey. Or possible Buffet de Buffy.

Soup - Name something satisfying about your work.

I've mentioned to people before that it is very satisfying to have a small part in helping people improve their health and make smart healthcare decisions. (If you're new, I design websites for a health system in Knoxville)

Main Course - What was the last excuse you made, and why did you need to make it?

I messed up and forgot to include something on the home page of a website that was time sensitive. It was requested a couple of months ago, and I misplaced the paper I had written it down on and forgot. So I made an excuse that I didn't know anything about it, when I realized later I had simply forgotten.

Dessert - Complete this sentence: I wonder why _________________.

I wonder why some people who bring children into the world choose their own interests over the kids? And when you make your own interests the great priority, you miss noticing your kid is drinking. Or taking drugs. Or getting in trouble at school. Or hiding a gun. Or crashing a car...

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