Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Had No Idea This Was Out...

As I walk along, I wonder
What went wrong with our lives,
Lives that were so strong...

I'm walkin' in the rain,
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain,
Wishin' you were here by me,
To end this misery,
I wonder...

Put it on my Christmas list!

One of my favorite TV series ever, "Crime Story" is out on DVD. This gritty cop drama was set in the early 60's Chicago (and later, Las Vegas) and followed hard-boiled cop Mike Torello (a pre-"Law and Order" Dennis Farina) and he and his team's pursuit of mob boss Ray Luca (Anthony Denison). Though it only ran for two seasons in the mid-80's, this was a favorite around the dorm rooms at UT. In my opinion, the best cop series ever and a shame it only ran two years.


Does anyone remember what happened that last episode of the second season? Turello and Luca and their men were fighting hand-to-hand in a runaway plane over open water, which eventually crashed into the ocean. The look on their faces when, locked in mortal combat, they both realized at the same time their own demise was imminent was priceless. I guess if the show had been picked up for a third season at least some of them would have survived, but since it wasn't - I guess they probably all died. Too bad, I guess.

But anyway, I'd recommend it highly.

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