Thursday, September 01, 2005

Here's a Question That Occurs To Me...

Wherever you go, there are three grades of Gasoline: Regular Unleaded, Unleaded "Plus", and Premium Unleaded.

Your names may vary, and let's disregard diesel for a minute)

Are there any cars out there that are required to run on Premium or "Plus" gasoline? I don't mean run better, just run at all...

I'm not sure I've ever gotten Premium or "Plus" gasoline for my car in my life, except a couple times I accidently pushed the wrong button or something.

Of all the gas sold in America, what percent is Regular, what percent is "Plus" and what percent is Premium?

I just wonder how much of that Plus and Premium is sitting unused, and if in this crunch refineries could be easily retooled to only produced regular unleaded. How much of an increase in the supply would this mean?

I'm just wonderin'..

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