Tuesday, June 21, 2005

There's No Need to Fear!

UNDERDOG is here!

BrainyBoy is totally into Underdog, and has never actually seen an episode. I even bought him an Underdog shirt the other day. It's based on three things: a) His dad's undying devotion to every scrap of cartoon fun from his childhood, b) the Underdog theme WAV file I found on the web, remixed, and played for them with the verses and chorus mixed around, and c) the Capitol One commercial with the superheroes who come to the rescue of the damsel in distress, and Underdog is the last to arrive.

I saw a DVD of several episodes of the old cartoon show at AdventureCon the other day, and almost bought it - but then I thought, "Why ruin whatever image he has built up in his head about this show? If he catches one of TV someday, fine, but until then let's see what he's made up on his own."

NOTE: I just checked Capital One's site to see if their commercials were online - you know the ones with the rampaging Mongolian Hordes and such - but I can't find them. A lot of companies will put their commercials online for you to view, especially if they're clever in some way, which C-1's are usually. That's a shame that they're not - it might drive some traffic their way.

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