Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More on EPCOT Child Death

I can't get this tragedy out of my mind. So horrible.

John Frost at The Disney Blog has a lot of continuing coverage on it. If you're interested in this story, go and scroll...

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  1. That really reminds me of a trip to Epcot on MLK day in 2007. My mother and I were about to board Soarin', my mother's favorite ride, only to discover that it was closed down. We thought it was a breakdown, so we explored more of the park, still clutching our FastPasses. 3 hours and 9 Disney Characters later, we rode it to conclude that nutty day at my favorite WDW park. (We skipped Illuminations because school starts early in the morning.) I found out the reason why it was closed - a New Yorker near 70 named John Parietti was rushed to the hospital because of difficulty standing while exiting the ride and died two days later. Hokey.

    Now that I exercise often, I'm able to go on a bundle of rides. I will be consulting a doctor for a checkup and I hope the same for all others going to Disney! That's the lesson learned after all the deaths reported!