Wednesday, April 07, 2004

True, But He Still Wouldn't Wear A Rolex

Instpundit points out this Foxnews.Com story:

Evangelism Catches Up With the Times

“If you want to reach them, you’ve got to speak their language,” said Paul Boutin, contributing editor at Wired magazine. “It makes perfect sense to take the ministry in that direction. I really think that if Jesus were around today, he would have a blog.”
Maybe Jesus would've had a blog, but he would never have been the one who created it or wrote in it. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul would've been the bloggers. And maybe Steven and probably Peter. The disciples were the ones charged with spreading the Word to the world. True, Jesus recruited them individually and spoke to multitudes - but of course, the heart of his ministry was personal. There's no record (that I remember) of him corresponding with anyone, or writing anything except in the dust. All his interactions were one-on-one, since of course that's the relationship all Christians must have with him. It was up to his followers and chroniclers to take the message to the masses who didn't or couldn't see Jesus in the flesh.

And probably Bartholomew - I always felt sorry for Bartholemew...he was rarely ever mentioned as one of the 12 disciples, and when he was he was always the last on the list. I can imagine him posting some of the most humble, insightful commentary out there on Jesus and his ministry, but no one would read it...

What would the gospels and epistles been like as blogs? What would they have been called? How would their styles be different? Leave your thoughts in Comments.

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