Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My Legacy

I mowed my backyard last night, and having recently purchased a used copy of the Special Edition Return of the Jedi Soundtrack, I loaded it up into my portable CD player and listened as I mow.

Now, I love sci-fi and I love soundtracks. I have a tendency to get lost in just about anything John Williams scores.

When I finished, I came in all hot and sweaty, with the earphones still on and the CD still going. GiggleGirl bounces over and, after commenting about my general yuckiness, asks to listen.

The track "Jabba's Sail Barge Assault", a rather bombastic piece, was playing. I slipped the earphones over her ears.

Her eyes grew wide, and a big grin came over her face. And she started dancing and directing to the music, and generally enjoying the heck out of herself.

YES!!! I've found my blood-sister for soundtracks!!! Now she wants to watch the movie.

And so a little Jedi is born....

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