Tuesday, April 13, 2004

My Blogspace

A recently circulating meme was to take a picture of where you do your blogging. Well, don't tell anyone but I've been known to post something from time to time at my office. Well, here it is:

That's my desk. Notice the random geeky items scattered about: the DS9 Hallmark Ornament, the Archer Enterprise model (with working lights and sound!), my Palm Pilot in its cradle, plus a picture of GiggleGirl. Discerning eyes will notice that the calendar says "March" but that's only because I took the picture last month. There's also a wooden skeleton of a Triceratops that BrainyBoy made one day he was visiting. Take a look into the hall and you can see the small strip of carpet that separates my office from Hatamaran. Finally, notice what swell website's up on the PC...

This is the flip side, looking toward the back wall and my 2nd PC. It's primarily for email, but it's also the home for The Schoolhouse Rock Bill and Conjunction Junction Engineer, a Lego X-Wing Pilot, a lionfish from the Gatlinburg Aquarium, a green painted T Rex BrainyBoy painted one day, and oh yes, a tribble that really squawks when you squeeze it. On the wall, on the bulletin board, is the word "ECOLOGY" - that's from when that bulletin board starred in the production of "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" I directed a couple of years ago. Take a look at the book sometime and you'll see the sign. Also to the left on the shelf is a Borg. On the desk is my cell phone recharging, and on the wall is a poster of "Malificent's Fury" from Sleeping Beauty I picked up at Disneyworld a few years ago.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of my blogspace - if I can get the digital camera home, I'll post what the desk I'm currently typing this on looks like.

UPDATE (04/14/04): I apologize for the uber-crappiness of the pictures. For some reason, my photo host site, Photoisland, refuses to provide graphics in the dimensions they were intended. Anyone have a better free site to host photos that allows you to link them into other sites like this?