Thursday, April 01, 2004

Pollenteer Talegait Harty - Volyooom 3

Nice meester Barry, he get whomped over hea-----he deecided to take nice long rest. Yeah, that it - nice long rest. So what happen? Me take over!

Me Glurp. Me Gully Dwarf. Not just any gully dwrf nope nope nope! Spesial guly dwarf! Me know how to count to three! See - one and one and one and one and one and one and one....three! At least me think it three. Oh well. Who care.

Anywaze... this vry vry spacial day in live of gulllly dwarf - me take over what riteful mine! Meester Barry make me run round, do what he call re-search, make me stay up all nite when good rat-hunting time to do reee-search for Mester Barry, but what I get in return? Nice big rat? nope. big whompin stick to catch nice big rat? nope. so time to make Messter Barry do reee-search, me take over big shiny komputer thingy. I try to use mouse thingy, but break tooth - no good in stew! Life like stew...stew like life. That big gullly dwarf saying, mean everthing. Where was me? Oh yeh.

Aynywaze, meester Barry all tied up in shed---um, takin long vacation so I do job on computter this wek. He want do Talegait Harty thingy - me dont see no tale or no gait but whatever. I rememememrmhber he say this sometin like bes and britest of Socky Hop Koolaid big peeple or sometin like that somehow. Anywaze here is. You like, me find rat to eat.

  • Here first thingy - some guy name Knox/ that Knock/Snooze...he sure he get name right? Look wierd to Glurp. whatevr. He talk bout smoking in readin place - me dont like smoke - make Glurp sneeze. (Smoke if you got 'em).

  • Next one scary. Me saw gate of hell oncet - was old woman guly dwarf Blurp ever time she eat rat been sittin out in sun too long. Open mouth...urp - gate of hell. Me no think that what meester Doug talkin bout though...(Gates of Hell Now Open).

  • Gunner guy my kind of guy- want to trade wife for sometim neat that make big bang and brite lite. Like thunner n litenin..wait how you trade thunner and litenin? big folk wierd.... (Might as well try).

  • Next thingy from Jo Fish who sound like somethin you pull out of big lake. Or game big people play with card thingys - they always runnin round saying "You got threes?" an somewon else say "Jo Fish!" At least me think that what they sayin. Me no know sometime what me think. (He really Cares. No Really. Twice.).

  • Me find new bes gully dwarf friend! He talk jus like Glurp! New gulluy dwarf frien name Buddy Don an he wannering around somewere. Me not know where he wannering. Who knows? Mebbe Buddy find rat! (pinions of buddy don: faith-based gummint)

    Isn me pretty?

  • Some big movie come out in pitcher show other day. Me no unnerstan how pitchers move. Mus me magik. You know how pitchers mov? Somewon tell Glurp cause Glurp head hurt tryin to know how pitchers move. This movin pitcher real spascial to Sugarfused tho (My reaction to The Passion of The Christ).

  • This guy Brian in far off land - farthe than Solamnia, farther than Blood Sea of Istar - farther than Newport! This guy Brian in someplase call Chi-na. Me think it call Chi-na. He wanna come home too but poor guy cant. He just cant find car keys me think (Immigration blues).

  • Hey me wanna get to know this big person. His name Rich so he mus have lotsa lotsa lotsa shiny gold stuff - use shiny gold stuff, buy lotsa rats. Make stew. Life like stew....stew like life. Me say that already? He Back from the Races! Why race? only get you somewheres you not...

  • meester Les has those shiny bang bang thingys - he mus likem lots cause he talk bout them all the time. me think he need female, that what Glurp think.... (Thursday Gun Links).

    (Big note bout last thingy - Meester Les....Glurp jus makin' funny joke, kay? Kay????? Glurp sometime think he more funny than famous gully dwarf comedy guy, Buddy Hackett. He really funny. Where was me? Oh yeh..)

  • When me little baby gully dwarf, me have 2 brother and 2 sisters. One and one and one and one and one and one and one and one...two. Anyways they all bigger than Glurp and allays gettin beat up. They make me say, "You say uncle, Glurp, or we eat fingers!!" Me allays say uncle - me like fingers, make easier to dig snacks out of tree stump. That why Say Uncle make Glurp no eat Glurp fingers messter big person guy? (Blogging about Blogging and It's not a bug, it's a feature (or 20 synonyms for fart) )

  • This guy have name with bad word. Glurp no use bad words, dammit (Steyn column).

  • Meester Chris real quiet guy. Me no like quiet me like it LOUD!!! he neat little marks after word LOUD!!! me like neat little exclymation marks. Me make more. SCORE!!! heh. FIRE!!!! heh heh. OKLAHOMA!!!! me no have no idea what that means.... anywayz quiet chris guy have two thingys - first one fulla nummers, make Glurp head hurt (everywon know there no nummers after three - silly big person) and other bout buncha big people get gone and nowon know where they went. Mebbe they go to Chi-na, Brian come home? Me think they go to Newport, that what Glurp think. (Consumption an There Are None So Blind).

  • What with all the fish? First Jo, then Mick the Fish Kite? He like gully dwarf, wanna do stuff differen, so he want you to see somethin not on his place (More Clarke/Krugman Fact-Checking)

  • Me no think poor big stoopid tommy not feel good. He think he big and stupid.....why tommy not that big at all! He talk bout some day when everwon wear green clothes and drink green stuff. Me drink green stuff alla time, spacialy after it rain lots and big puddle out back fill up (St. Patrick's Day).

  • Teresa friend of meesster Barry. She make funny hats, like big smelly aplac---altpaca---aplacta---critters, have funny husband who gets attacked by squirrel. She funny. (Florida is ready for 2004).

  • Medb nice lady who have pretty pitchers. They real nice cause they dont move. That sure pretty place we live in, aint it? (Barn and Tree an Just Another Dusk Photo). Me like make pretty pitchers, too. Me have good ones, call Rat in Stew an Stew in Rat an Finger in Nose. me regalar Picaso.

  • Bjorn have funny name, but that not wierdes thing bout bjorn. He broke radio, cant fix. Poor Bjorn - maybe call fixer man? (Why the new liberal radio won't work).

  • Mike think he only half baked. Why not he keep self in oven for rest of time? Even gully dwarf know that. Silly big people (An Excellent Example Of How The Blogosphere Works)

  • Pore Jay dead. Pore Jay Johnson dead. He lookin oh so purty an so nice - he look like hes asleep, its shame he wont keep, but it summer and we runnin out of ice.

    Hey, that make pretty song. What Jay care? he dead (Reflections on The Weekly Game.

  • Janet live up in New Yewk City. Where New Yewk City? Me no know. have somethin to do with apples, thouh. Glurp like apples, but only with lotsa worms. New Yewk got worms? Who care - what time dinner? (Ban these words, please! Part 2: Words that TV news could do without).

  • Butchmule mind warped. Poor butch - maybe he an big stoopid tommy can go have beer? Not green beer, though. that one already bin done. Sound better than post name, though.... (Sight for sore eyes leaves dirty urine!!!).

  • know all bout goobage. Meester barry make Glurp take out goobage alla time - sometime goobage even make it alla way to trash! mosta time goobage end up in Glurp. Hm...wonder if messter barry got more goobage? (Hardball Capitalism)

  • Thomas' nephew sent sumthin in - that nice of Tommy to let little boy post for him! ("Who won the elections?")

  • Hey, me think me find sumthin here tacked up on bullyteen board. Yep, meester barry wanted you folks to see this...he say it "hot stuff" and "pleez no more name-callin". What name it callin? Fred? Not Glurp, Glurp only Glurp in world. (Quick Thoughts and My Reply)

    Wow, that alla stuff!! Me real tired, go whomp some rats and make some stew. Me tell you bout stew? Oh, kay.

    Me sure meester barry untie hisself---er, come back from vacashun reel soon but he be pretty mad, so Glurp make self scarce. Bye!

    OOPDATE: WHOOP!!! Turn over rock, look what me find!

  • Granny don look nothin like Glurp granny. Glurp granny look like potato. (Just Another "Bush Knew" Revelation and Welcome Back To Ashcroft ~~ He Knew Too)