Friday, April 02, 2004

"Cell Phone Call for Jack Bauer...Cell Phone Call for Jack Bauer..."

by Diane Werts

"Fans can relax now - which means get more tensed up - knowing that "24" has gone into the last third of the season overdrive. No more time fillers like the first two-thirds, no more presidential mistress and who's-the-baby's-daddy. Daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) is not (repeat: NOT) in distress. Next week's stunningly revelatory episode ties the current threat back into Jack's first-season nemesis, involves a foreign government, hints about a high- priced call girl ring and presents Jack with a truly unspeakable choice. No, really unspeakable. Really, really.

They jack up the stakes higher and higher, until by 7 a.m., things are truly nasty (truly, truly), and there's no end in sight. Guns blaze. Bombs explode. Bodies drop. Jack's jaw is more firmly set than ever. And Michelle's (Reiko Aylesworth) little curled hair strands still frame her face perfectly. Never mind that she's been up for 24 hours, she's running an ugly field operation, she's seen her husband shot and colleagues croak, and she's staring down death herself. For that matter, how's Jack holding up considering his own lack of sleep and, oh yeah, his smack addiction, remember that? When he countermands a superior "under the authority given me by the president of the United States," once again on that handy-dandy cell phone, how do his underlings even know Jack has that authority? And what about . . .

Never mind. There's a mass suicide in the offing. A president ordering evil to be done. And a crucial computer download. Hey, don't these guys' amazingly informative forensic computers ever hit the fritz like miiiine dosss xxzghgcb?#!!

24. Fox's nail-biting thriller returns for its final nine episodes of the season in killer form."
If you're not watching 24, it's not too late.

Well, yeah, it is if you want to make any sense out of it, but watch it anyway. Oh, and somebody's selling the Season 1 DVD collection on Amazon for $15.99 if anyone's feeling charitable ;)

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