Friday, April 02, 2004

Quick Thoughts

Being tied up in a shed all day gives you plenty of time for contemplation. Thankfully, Glurp left the TV turned on (he has trouble thinking in terms of "on" and "off") so I was able to keep up with all the days news and events....

  • No, spammers, I really don't want to get John Grisham's "new blockbuster novel" today by your service, or any other service. If I want to read it that bad, I'll go to the bookstore and buy it myself! Sheesh! Now quit sending me emails about it!

  • Pope declares feeding tubes a 'moral obligation' Directive applies to vegetative patients

    "His comments could require revision in directives on end-of-life care at one in 10 U.S. hospitals. And they may prompt confusion over the validity of advance directives people have drawn up that say they do not want ''extraordinary'' treatments to prolong their life under specified circumstances."
    The health system for which I work isn't affiliated with the Catholic church so this announcement won't affect us, but another hospital in town is. I wonder how they're going to be dealing with this?

  • Bomb Found on Rail Line in Spain

    This is probably going to get a lot of blogplay today, but boy, it's a good thing the Spanish elected a new government that could negotiate a truce with the terrorists! Since the appeasement was what the people wanted, and apparently Al Qaeda agreed to leave Spain alone.......wait a minute....

    Although, you know, expect the conspiracies to pop up on hard-left blogs any day that the bombs were planted by the US Government to get the Spanish people back on our for it.

  • Physicians say Rhode Island no longer attractive to many doctors (Registration Required)

    Sorry, all full up. Try the next state.

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