Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I Want My HGTV!

Knox County seeks answer to cable delays (Registration Required)
"Four years after entering the Knoxville market, cable provider Knology has completed just 15 percent of its promised network in Knox County. The West Point, Ga., company also wants five more years to complete the project, which was to be wrapped up in June."
Knology has a great cable/HS Internet/phone service that I'd love to sign up for. Trouble is, even though I live about a mile or two from their main Knoxville office, they haven't seen fit to install in my neighborhood. What's funny is my in-laws have it - both their old and new residences - and my parents have it. They all live various places around Knoxville but for some reason I figured a black cloud hovered over my neighborhood, preventing Digital Cable and High Speed internet access. Combined with my PC problems below, using a 56k modem from home is so....so....90's.

Well, now I see Knology actually wants to expand to Farragut before fulfilling its Knoxville commitment. Yes, yes, we all know the market is lucrative in SoccerMomLand (wait, my wife is a soccer mom. That doesn't count.) but meanwhile we sit for 5 more years with Comcasts High Cost Internet service as my only option.
'"(Farragut) is one area we're looking at," Gilmore said. "We're talking to the Board of Aldermen. We do not discriminate whatsoever. We have to go west to east. We don't skip any areas. We just haven't been able to get as far or build as much (as the original schedule called for.)"'
Well, you've certainly done a good job skipping around all over town as it is. Why stop now?
"[Knox County] Commissioner [Mike] McMillan said his initial concern upon Knology's arrival was that the company would "cherry pick" promising areas of the county in which to offer service. He said that's exactly what it appears to be doing by trying to enter the Farragut market."
Bing bing bing - give the man a prize. That's exactly what they've been doing.
'Clark admitted Knox County should have caught the problem sooner. "There's a lot of people who've been asleep at the switch for a long time," he said."'
Well, that's SOP for Knox politics in general - why change now?

I don't know if we'll see Knology in our area any time soon. We have regular Comcast cable, but Knology's rates are so much better I'd change and upgrade in a heartbeat.

Does anybody else get fed up with Comcast's "$19.95 for the first three months" advertising pitch? Why would anyone base a financial decision on how much something's going to cost for only the first three months? We all know the price kicks into overdrive at the start of the fourth month, but they don't seem to advertise that so easily.