Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Whistling in the Dark

Oh, what fun....

U.S. ships Libyan nuclear components to Oak Ridge (Knoxville News-Sentinel: 01/27/04)

"Tons of nuclear-related equipment from Libya arrived in Knoxville this morning and reportedly were trucked to a government facility in Oak Ridge for safekeeping.


"These materials include both sensitive documentation and equipment," [White House spokesman Scott] McClellan said in his statement released in Washington. "On the flight was UF6 – uranium hexafluoride – which is used for feedstock to enrich uranium. Also included on the flight were centrifuge parts, which are used to enrich uranium (for weapons use). Finally, the shipment contains ballistic missile guidance sets for longer-range missiles, which Libya has voluntarily agreed to eliminate."

McClellan said the shipment was sent to a "secure facility" in Tennessee. That facility is the Y-12 National Security Complex, which is a warhead-manufacturing facility that also houses the nation’s primary stockpile of weapons-grade uranium."
So, this is like the same facility that just in the last few weeks or so failed one security test and cheated on another? This is the same facility that supposedly could allow terrorists to access and construct a nuclear weapon in half an hour? This is the same facility that's about oh, say, 25 miles from my home?

I'm checking my travel agent.... wonder what The Congo is like this time of year?

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