Thursday, January 29, 2004

He's Got Those Reality-Show Blues

A certain country music singer/songwriter of my long-time acquaintance recently participated in an audition for a Nashville-based reality TV show, with mixed results. Read his story:

Blame it on Wapner! Part One:

"When you look at it listed like that, it's a little easier to see the absurdity of it all -- and ourselves for watching them, and, more importantly, buying the products advertised on them. And you know who started it all?? Judge Freaking Wapner."
...and Two:

"One attendee described seeing this show at Billy Bob's quite nicely, as "somewhere just north of listening to Zamfir while drinking non-alcoholic beer and chewing tin foil." To put it diplomatically -- it was a freakshow. Some of the acts (maybe about 5 - there were 28 of us) were decent, but most of them made Kenny Chesney look like Merle Freakin' Haggard. I had to sit there and watch 26 teeny-bopper chickies, college-age floppy-haired model/actor slackers, redneck rockers, and cutesy singer-songwriter dudes, most of whom brought their whole families and hordes of obnoxious drunken friends to scream for them and hold up signs like "Nashville Bound" and "Mike Rocks".'
Read the whole thing. Then, when you're through read the whole site. Then when you're through with that, go buy a few of his albums - if I can just set it up so he eventually hits it real big and starts making a ton of money, he can be the one that gets to take care of our parents later on!

Just kidding, mom and dad :)

You can even listen to MP3's of some of his tunes:

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