Thursday, January 29, 2004

Oh, The Places I've Been

The states that I have visited are in red below, the states I have not visited are in tannish/green:

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"Visited" states include those I've driven through on the way to somewhere else, but not actually stopped for any meaningful time (Iowa, Missouri, Illinois) but don't include those I've flown over in a plane.

Interestingly, I'm sure I must have visited Mississippi at some time in the past but darn if I can remember exactly when, so for now it is Unvisited.

As for living in states, the only state I've lived in other than Tennessee for any length of time was Florida, and that was for a summer when I worked as a stage manager for the Seaside Music Theatre in Daytona Beach back in 1990.

Oh, and a similar map of the world showing countries I've visited would include only several islands in the Caribbean and Mexico. That's it for that.

(Hat tip: "What Hath I Wrought!")

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