Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Not a Surprise

I took the President Match poll, and, unsurprisingly my closest Democratic candidate match is Joe Lieberman.

Pretty much what I figured...also dead last were Dean and Bush - also pretty much as I figured. What's funny is Al Sharpton came in second. Clark was somewhere in the middle.

So Lieberman's stated positions pretty much match my own, and Dean and Bush's views were most opposite mine.

Which doesn't really mean squat if I don't consider someone "Presidential material". I don't consider Dean, Clark, Sharpton, or Bush "Presidential material". I'm somewhat lukewarm on Lieberman - I need to study him some more. For some reason he Strongly Opposes a) Required Safety Course and Licenses before Gun Purchases, and b) Somewhat Opposes Partial Birth Abortions and Strongly Opposes Outlawing Abortions in Rape/Incest Cases. (note: I don't think any Democratic candidate is going to go on record opposing abortion, so I'm not certain those are his true positions).

I thought, and still think, that Gore was "Presidential material". Even though he endorsed Dean, we all know that endorsements are all political and have little to do with the candidate that someone feels closely matches another politician's personal philosophy, so I don't read too much into that.

Anyway, it's an interesting little quiz - take a look.

(Hat Tip: Hatamaran)

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