Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The Ping-Pong Matches Continue

Bill Hobbs: "Bill Clinton was paid $400,000 to give a speech in Japan. A money-grubbing ex-president cashing in, and all that. More power to him, if he can find suckers willing to pay that much to hear the Blowhard in Chief. So, what did Clinton say that was worth $400,000?"

Barry Bozeman responds: "Of course Bill never knew about Reagans big Japanese payday following his term. In Hobbs America it seems only Republicans are allowed paydays although this one for Clinton involved no US Taxpayer dollars."

Bill Hobbs responds to the response: "Of course I knew about that. It's why I joked about Clinton being a "money-grubbing ex-president cashing in," which was the basic charge the liberal media leveled at Reagan - but aren't going to level at Clinton even though - let's face it - $400,000 for a speech is a rather hefty paycheck. Especially for a speech that, from the description of it, sounds like little more than a pitch from an Amway recruiter."

I sigh: Organizations pay for who you are, not what you're going to say. The more famous, the higher the payday. Talk about the bleeding obvious. And the ping pong matches continue...

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