Friday, June 13, 2003

Kids in the News

Boy Finds KKK Tattoo In Gum Wrapper

"A Michigan mother is angered after her 7-year-old son showed her a temporary tattoo of a Ku Klux Klan member that came packaged inside the wrapper of the bubble gum he purchased.... The tattoo apparently shows a hooded figure in a white robe with flames going up around him...'There is a white hood, white robe, flames going up around him ... I mean, you can pretty much tell it's the Klan," [his mother] said....Several other packs of the gum also contain tattoos that are inappropriate for children, including sexually explicit pictures and images depicting violence against animals."


"[His Mother] said she explained to her son what the tattoo represents and he agreed he did not want to wear it."
Good for you, son. Looks like someone's teaching their kids these days...

Uncle Sam wants Joey Crossman

"First the Marines came calling. Now the Navy wants Joey Crossman. But is Joey ready? After all, he’s only 7. The name of the elementary school student mistakenly landed on military recruitment lists, most likely through a magazine subscription, and the military has been wooing him ever since.


Joey toured the USS Yorktown during a family trip to South Carolina in April and wasn’t impressed with the hard, impersonal bunks. “The bathrooms they had weren’t working,” Joey said. “I just don’t want to live on a ship.”
My son's seven, also, and while I don't think he subscribes to Soldier of Fortune I should probably check and make sure. We do get National Geographic and if they want him to go on an expedition to the Serengeti, well, by golly I'm going too.

That's the news - goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.