Friday, June 13, 2003

Cowardice or Overload?

Well, the debate rages on regarding the Forest Hill Baptist Church "cult-like event" fiasco. Read SKBubba's account for all the latest commentary.

Interestingly, the page on the Youth Specialties website detailing this "Underground Church" simulation has removed the description page(s) from their website.

Whether this is due to sudden increased interest in the pages by people in this area, or whether they're just afraid of all of us corrupt, Anti-Christian bloggers, I'm not certain.

And speaking of...even though I am a Christian, I am very much in favor of the rights and freedoms of all Americans to follow the religion of their choice, a freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Apparently, the information on this website that is now unaccessible details the oppression from an "corrupt, Anti-Christian government". Does this just mean that this hypothetical government is corrupt and also Anti-Christian, or does it suggest that all Anti-Christian governments are corrupt by definition? I'd be curious for a explanation of terms.

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