Tuesday, June 17, 2003

News with a Lude

Every once in a while when every station on the radio I listen to's at commercial, and there's no tapes I'm in the mood for, I'll wander over to our local NPR station. Sometimes All Things Considered is on, or one of their so-called "news" shows.

I know a lot of people consider them liberally-biased - I also know a lot of people hear what they want to hear. The times I've listened to them I've never been able to tell any kind of slant to their stories.

In fact, those ear-bleeding moments I've forced myself to listen to NPR, I've almost nodded off and veered off the road into cattle fields, telephone poles and various rivers.

There must be a special broadcast school for NPR journalists, who are taught that precise monotone style that they use to report the news. I know SNL has parodied them with some success lately, and it's true. I can't figure out for the life of me how people can listen to NPR for more than a few minutes without screaming and tearing the knob off the dial in their haste to change the channel.

Some stations bill themselves as "news with a 'tude". NPR is just "news on ludes".

Yawn. Wonder if Sports Talk is back from commercial yet? Nope, course not...

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