Monday, June 02, 2003

The Parental Panic

Our Good and Dear Friend (you have to say that with an Ambassador Londo Mollari accent or it just doesn't work) James Lileks opines about how he feels when his family is not exactly where they said they would be at the exact moment they said they would be - mainly, home. As if you haven't read it already today, read it again.

BrainyBoyTM is at camp all day, and I can't help he ok? Is he enjoying himself? Is he lonely? bored? constipated? Can't wait to see him at home and find out how it went.

We saw Finding Nemo Saturday evening, and it was as delightful as everyone has said it was. I sat next to BrainyBoyTM and hugged him in the scary parts and the happy parts. It's about a daddy fish who'll do anything to find his lost son, and the son who'll do anything to find his dad.


Oh, enough of that. Read the article and see the flick.

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