Friday, June 27, 2003

Just Curious

  • Ann Coulter
  • Michael Savage
  • Rush Limbaugh
Can anyone think of three people on the left that match these three Konservatives for their vileness, nastiness, and insulting behaviour against those that don't Think Like They Do?

I'll give you Michael Moore as a head start.

And I'm not talking about liberal idealogy, as whacked out as it can be to the far left - I'm talking about those in the public eye who are as nasty, just bad human beings in their relations with others these are. Someone who would say this:

"My only regret with Osama bin Laden is that he did not manage to kill every member of the Wall Street Journal editorial staff." (link)
"Savage intimated in a broadcast on Disney-owned KSFO-FM, that the possibility of forcible rape was a reason why female high school students might find it exciting to feed homeless people in San Francisco's inner city." (link)

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