Monday, February 24, 2003

"This is True" picks up on India Tracy case

Randy Cassingham edits a weekly internet newsletter entitled "This is True". True reports on bizarre-but-true news items from legitimate newspapers from around the world (never "tabloids"). Each story ends with commentary by Randy -- a tagline which is humorous, ironic or opinionated. (description from his website).

Randy recently reported on the unfortunate situation with India Tracy and the Union County Schools, and received a lot of feedback from his readers. He's posted a summary of the story, his opinion, and some of the letters here.

Thanks, Randy, for helping bring publicity to this story and to help kids like India who are the targets of religious discrimination. I emailed him a link to my commentary, and mentioned the other RTB members who've commented as well.

By the way, the Knoxville News Sentinel has removed the original story from their website - likely due to too much traffic. Right? Right? Hm.

The more attention that is brought to this story, the better.

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