Thursday, February 27, 2003

Childish and Divisive Behaviour Disguised as Righteous Indignation

Justin pointed out this story: Danish pizzeria bans French and Germans

I'm sorry, it's an idiotic gesture, here or overseas.

The French and German governments, not their citizens, are blocking military action in the UN. The entire population of those countries - no matter what their perceived attitudes may be - cannot be assumed to hold the same political opinions as a whole. Did the US turn its back on Germany and Japan after WWII? No, we and the other Allies helped the people rebuild. Sure, we had our own interests to protect but there was altruism there also, because that's who we are. Or at least who we were.

What would happen if a white restaurant owner banned black and Asian customers, and painted cute little color-coordinated sillouettes on the floor with lines through them? The discrimination lawsuits would hit so fast his calzones would spin. And rightfully so. There would be nation-wide condemnation.

Sure, it's cute, and oh yes, it's in that cute little European country of Denmark...but as the article says, the tourist season hasn't hit yet. When he starts losing money, those cute little silhouettes will disappear quickly.

All that this anti-French and anti-German attitude that seems to be pervading America (and apparently other countries as well) is doing is creating mistrust when we need trust, divisiveness when we need unity and xenophobia when we need international cooperation. Ok, maybe their governments disagree with us - but if you have a beef about it, take it up with Chirac. Not the people.

Don't return hatred for hatred - we've seen the multitude of problems that solves. Right.

Here's a thought for all the burgeoning Francophobes out there. How would you feel if someone dumped a load of cyanide in the Paris subway system? Or flew a plane into the Eiffel Tower? Would you feel initally sorry at the loss of life, but secretly glad that those French panytwaists got what they deserved? What if an earthquake devastated Berlin, would you genuinely be horrified at the loss of life but privately feel they got what was coming to them? Well, friends, if you're going to hate have the guts to be equal opportunity haters.

Go ahead, America. Harass and make fun of little girls who have different religious beliefs than you. Condemn everyone who may have strong feelings about pacifism as "left-wing peacenik wackos". Call people Anti-American or traitors that don't agree with everything our government says. Start your little boycotts, and your little ad campaigns, and your cute discrimination against those who we need as our allies. Go ahead, hate your neighbor - go ahead, cheat a friend. Do it in the name of the USA, 'cause you can justify it on the radio, in the press, in the blogs, in the streets. Thank you so much for your help, Americans, and thanks for providing this shining example of American brotherhood to the world.

And don't even get me started on "Freedom Fries".

Note: I've talked about this before. Apparently people aren't listening...

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