Monday, February 24, 2003

Fire Exit Warning

Does anyone remember this spiel that used to run before each and every single movie in the theatres?

"The management of this theatre, in cooperation with the Tennessee State Fire Marshall's office, requests that you look around the theatre and familiarize yourself with the locations of all emergency exits. The aisleways in which you entered, and the passageways designated by the illuminated emergency exits signs, visible to you at either the Right (pause, arrow) or Left (pause, other arrow) of the forward section have been checked and are clear exits from the building in the event of an emergency.

Thank you for your time and attention."
My friends and I would have great fun reciting along with it, Rocky Horror-style, standing up and pointing left and right with the arrows (one of the film clips had the arrows reversed from the soundtrack), and thanking them out loud for bringing it to our attention.

They disappeared several years ago, and were replaced by Pepsi ads, apparently.

The Oak Ridge Playhouse and other theatres are still required to make a fire announcement (usually taped) before a performance. Why was the requirement for movie theatres lifted? Do they make announcements at nightclubs or concerts any more?

I miss them, and probably the folks at the Rhode Island night club would've liked to have seen it before the other night.

Fire exits - know 'em and notice 'em.

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