Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The Scenario

Bill Hobbs paints an interesting and frightening picture of what events may unfold in other parts of the world after the invasion of Iraq begins.

My question is, if such a scenario comes to pass - or a similar one - who will be the first one courageous or historic enough to dub the conflict World War III? It would truly be a World War, with fronts both in the Middle East and Far East, with of course the entire world being a terror front at the same time. While for years, popular visions of WWIII have almost all included nuclear exchanges by the superpowers this may be closer to reality.

Interestingly enough, for Star Trek fans out there this scenario is actually quite close to the one envisioned for The Eugenics Wars, which brought Khan Noonien Singh (as in, "The Wrath of Khan") to power and ultimately exile. Kind of strange when you think about it, if you're into such things....

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