Saturday, February 22, 2003

The Stupidest People on the Face of the Earth

Weather permitting, tomorrow morning (well, this morning actually) my wife and I are driving my 7-year-old son and 4 of his 7-year-old friends to Nashville, where we'll visit the Rainforest Cafe and see The Lion King at the Imax Theatre for C's birthday.

Pray for us, for we know not what we getteth ourselves into....

I'll post a report when we get back.

Course, with these storms brewing we may just be sitting at home. I'm stupid, but I'm not a fool to drive through a thunderstorm through the Cumberland Plateau.

UPDATE: (9:45pm)

Trip down: Rain leaving Knoxville, passed burning pickup on I-40, DENSE fog over the plateau, sunny skies toward Cookeville, downpours into Nashville. Kids were good in the van - only one tearburst before we left, and we lasted 10 minutes in the car before the first argument. Typical argument: "HEY, IT'S MY TURN ON THE GAMEBOY!!!"

Nashville: Rainforest Cafe as good as always. Deb mentioned the health problems they had last year, which I remembered but heard they'd cleaned it up. No problems since then, and I would heartlily recommend it to anyone who wants an amazing dining experience. Full of animatronic gorillas, elephants, butterflies amidst a dense foliage and (yes) some mist. Plus every 1/2 hour or so, the lights dim, lightning flashes inside, thunder rolls and the animals go nuts. I want to lobby someone to put one in next to the Gatlinburg Aquarium - it'd be killer.
Lion King in IMAX is amazing. The opening sequence is my favorite Disney moment, and the wildabeast stamped shakes the theatre.

Trip back: Drizzle, cloudy, windy. Typical argument: "HEY, IT'S MY TURN ON THE GAMEBOY!!!"

Tired. Bed. Night.....

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