Sunday, September 09, 2012

Congratulations, Dollywood

The Eagles are Wild, man.

Congrats to Dollywood for winning FIVE Golden Ticket Awards, the Theme Park Industry's annual celebration of the best in themed entertainment.  The accolades won by our local amusement area were:
  1. Friendliest Park
  2. Best Christmas Event
  3. Best Food
  4. Best Shows
  5. Best New Amusement Park Ride of 2012: Wild Eagle
Thunderhead also ranked 4th for Best Wooden Coaster.

The management and staff of Dollywood are top notch..Here's a couple of great podcast interviews From The Season Pass Podcast with Marketing Director Pete Owens:
Not to be outdone, here's my podcast review of Opening Day of Dollywood's 2012 Season, along with Rex and The Beast's commentary on Wild Eagle, at Audio Journeys Podcast #1203

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