Saturday, September 08, 2012

Back to Work

I think it's about time to drag the old girl out of mothballs...

Who still follows me?  Who still has an active blogroll or RSS feed?  Comment below if you're seeing this.

My company has allowed access to Blogger, so I will be able to blog from work again. Since the web and social media are my job, and part of being a successful online advocate for your brand is to have a strong online presence, I don't feel it's out of line to say personal blogging can enhance some people's professional standing in the digital field.

Social influence is a key element in today's marketing strategies, and it's important for the people behind the brands that are in charge of publicizing their good and services to be trusted sources of information.  Not just the company name, but the people behind the company name - they're the ones that will help sell the name.  So the more online influence a marketer her - personal, public online influence - the more reliable, trusted and influential they'll appear to the outside world.

At least, that's my understanding.

So expect more posts from me, but perhaps fewer daily observations about my life, and more commentary on the professional and special interest topics that catch my eye.  Obviously, healthcare will be a large part of that - particularly acute care services.  But since I'm no doctor (and don't play one on TV) don't expect any medical advice or extensive cross-linking - more about how online, digital and social media can enhance the public's perception of healthcare and how it is received. I think that's a worthwhile goal.

Meanwhile, of course my interest in theatre will continue and I'm sure I will post about my latest exploits upon (and behind, and under) the boards.  Although, you can find more on a regular basis on my podcast, "Sounds of Knoxville Theatre" (

Also, I'm sure my great love and appreciate for theme parks will show through, especially Disney parks, so expect some comments on the latest developments in Orlando and Anaheim.

Lastly, my wonderful family will surely crop up from time to time, but for privacy's sake I will continue to refer to them anonymously.  For those who have perhaps lost touch in the last few years I've been off the blog circuit, my son, "BrainyBoy" is no longer a boy - he's a young man.  A junior in High School who just today took his first solo drive to school and back.  In my car.  And arrived unscathed there and back home later in the day.   My daughter is "Tink" and is in the eighth grade.  Her resemblance to the 1950's cartoon character has lessened not a bit.  My wife remains my inspiration, my confidant, my partner in crime, and my biggest critic :) And that's not a bad thing!  We anxiously await our 20th anniversary together, with a Carnival Cruise.  I'm sure that will be mentioned as well.

Thank you for your indulgence - again, leave a comment for me, please, if you read this.  Glad to see you.

The Inn is open.


  1. Glad to see the Inn is open. I revisited it this morning while in a nostalgic mood thinking about 2005.

    Keep it going, Barry! You have a lot of good thoughts to share with us out here.