Monday, April 25, 2005

Yet Another Interview

Hey, by cracky, I've been interviewed again - this time by Extra Strength Surfing Fingers (ESSF) (who I believe is a female and quite possibly also human).

Anyway, here's goes:

1. Assume that it’s a given that you have to work for a living. With that said, what is the one occupation you would choose and why?

My dream occupations would be either as Artistic Director for a Community or Professional theatre, or working for the (Michael Eisner/Bob Iger/anyone else associated with them-less) Walt Disney Company in the animation or sound division. Or as an Imagineer.

2. If you were your parent/s while you were growing up, what is one thing that you would/wouldn’t do that they did/didn’t do to you?

I wouldn't beat me all the time! Every day, it was the same thing...the 2x4 with the rusty nails, the straps, the broken bottles....OH, the HUMANITY!!

Sorry, just kidding.

I would have liked for us to have taken more trips together outside of our region. Growing up we had relatives that lived in Atlanta and every summer we'd stay for a week with them, visit Six Flags and come home. Now, I have great memories of that time in my life - and we also went to the beach a couple of times - but I wish we could've made that one big Brady Bunch trip to Hawaii or the Grand Canyon or Hollywood...

3. What was your favorite TV show growing up? Your second favorite?

Hoo boy. A quick spin through my site will reveal several favorites, but let's just say any incarnation of Star Trek will always be my favorite. Second favorite would likely be "M*A*S*H".

4. What temperature do you prefer your house/apt. to be when falling asleep at night? Covers or no covers? Clothed or buck naked?

I prefer my house to be a bit warm, since my parents' house was always kept fairly warm - that's what I'm used to. In any situation, if the room or house temperature starts getting chilly my fingers and toes start to get numb. And who wants numb fingers? So give me warmth, baby. I can always kick off the covers although I generally stay under them all night regardless of the temp.

And speaking of kicking off the covers. As for the last part...well, first of all we have two youngs kids in the house so a certain amount of decorum is advised - especially for those early morning "Daddy-it's-time-to-get-up" bouncing parties Tink seems to enjoy throwing. That could get awkward and embarrassing. Now, on the mornings I get up early before the kids I generally don't wear anything. I'd do that all the time if I could get away with it - clothes and me seem to always turn opposite directions when I shift positions in the bed, and when we have flannel sheets...don't you want to be able to feel it just about everywhere? (Calm down, ladies..calm down). So anyway, on normal nights I just wear a pair of shorts. If it's the dead of winter, I may wear flannel pajama pants.

5. If you could write one new law or change a current law, what would it be? What would you want the punishment to be for that crime?

This may be heresy, but I wish certain Intellectual Property laws would be relaxed a bit. I understand that people work hard for their art, and should be duly recognized and in some cases compensated for the efforts, but having to extensively credit and document every photo, clipart, snippet of music, piece of well as require one to jump through numerous legal hoops and hurdles to utilize it I think defeats somewhat the purpose of the art itself.

Mankind has used art to express him and the problems he's faced since first picking up a stick and drawing in the dirt. A work of art, a page of music, a thought, an idea - they should be shared as much as possible. With all the demands and limitations in distributing such material, it makes some artforms and other works virtually inaccesible. And that's a shame.

I totally understand that a lot of artists require money paid to them to continue producing, and freely distributed copies of the work would dilute their income base. It's a totally valid argument and I understand it. That just solidifies the notion that it's a tough issue, that won't be solved until humans resist relying so much on money to produce art.

I'm sure punishments for violating the existing laws vary wildly, but I certainly don't think jail time would be appropriate for anyone - unless maybe it was obvious they were doing it to make unnatural profit for themselves.

If you would like for me to ask you five questions…
1. Leave a comment saying “interview me” if you’d like to be interviewed.
2. I’ll respond by asking you 5 questions here. They’ll be different than those above.
3. Update your blog with your answers to the questions.
4. When you do so, include this same explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same manner.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you’ll ask them five new questions.

Thanks, ESSF, for the questions!

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