Thursday, April 14, 2005

Blog it Forward Day 2005, and Guess the Character

Uncle Mike tosses out a few bones to the blogworld today...

Apparently it's Blog It Forward Day 2005! I think I did this last year, so let's see who we can poke a stick at recommend this year.

1) Tommy Blaze, who just started visiting the site. He's a standup comedian from Florida, and I look forward to reading about his career..

2) Big Dan is a minister who is going through one of the roughest experiences anyone can go through - chemotherapy. Go give him some support and linky love....

3) Finally, over to little April at Drips Drops and Silent Thoughts who is preparing for a big move and some other big changes in her life.

Then, Mike wants us to name 10 of our favorite TV shows, and challenge our readers to guess who our favorite character on it is. Then you have to go back, post the right answer when someone guesses, and explain why.

So here goes mine (any similarities to Michael's is entirely unavoidable):

1) Star Trek (all incarnations)
    (Montgomery Scott ("Scotty") - Not so much the movie incarnations, but his character on the episodes was always decisive when he was in command, and dedicated in the engine room. Plus he knew how to enjoy himself, and was always messing up around the ladies. Yeah, sounds familiar...)

2) 24 (overall)
    (Former President David Palmer - He was an unusual presidential candidate/president...he actually had a conscience. Only when his close associates and his family started conspiring against him did he start to fall apart. We'll see what he's like when he comes back later this season... (oops...did I say that?) )

3) The West Wing
    (Chief of Staff C.J. Craig - I just like her. No real reason, I suppose.)

4) The Dead Zone
    (Dana Bright - the intrepid redheaded news-reporter and sometimes-flame of Johnny's, who inexplicably vanished all last season....)

5) Battlestar Galactica (new)
    (President Laura Roslin - Ok, along with Palmer...maybe I have a thing for Presidents. If I'd picked Bartlett on The West Wing I'd know something was wrong with me.. Anyway, I like Roslin for one reason because I really like Mary McDonald, mainly from Independence Day. Plus she's a fairly minor government beauracrat tossed into an impossible situation of leading an entire species, and always came across as decisive and compassionate. Well, at least until she started getting all prophecy-wigged out. Too bad her character has to die not long into next season from cancer...

6) Picket Fences
    (Judge Henry Bone - Ah, Ray Walston. We miss you, and I miss Judge Bone's understanding that judges are supposed to be arbitrators and not just people who hand down verdicts of guilt or innocence. Now, GET OUT!

Partial credit goes to Carter, the M.E. Poor guy, always had a theory about whatever wackiness was going on in Rome, Wisconsin and was rarely taken seriously. The typical mousy scientist/doctor guy, who never got the girl.

7) Friends
    (Chandler - because I thought he was the funniest one and evolved into the most believable and mature character of all of them.)

8) Farscape
    (Dominar Rygel XVI - Sparky! every scene this little guy was in was improved by his running sarcastic commentary. Normally, I don't go in for characters like him but something about his runtness just came alive.

He's the Anti-Yoda :) )

9) Babylon 5
    (Commander Susan Ivonova - it killed me when the producer failed to get her contract renewed for the final season. Strong, sassy, smart...with a sense of fun that endeared her to me. Much better character than her counterpart on Farscape, the eternally dour but no less brunette Officer Aeryn Sun.

10) Sesame Street (Ok, it's been a while...)
     (Grover - when I was a kid I loved watching him be Super Grover, and he was always frustrated when he did things that didn't quite work out right. That was me!)

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