Wednesday, October 01, 2003


(Myself and GiggleGirl, sitting in traffic waiting on a train to pass)

Me: C'mon, train....let's go!

Gigglegirl: Yeah, c'mon train! Move it!

(A few minutes of fruitless waiting)

Gigglegirl: C'mon train - hurry and get out of our way, or I'll kick your butt!!

(Pause of incredulous silence)

Me: What did you say???

Gigglegirl: mumblemumble

Me: What did you just say??

Gigglegirl: getoutofthewayorI'llkickyourbutt...

Me: E, I don't want to hear you saying that, you know that. That's not nice...

Gigglegirl: Ok....

Me: Ok.

(A sad, secret part of me wanted desparately for her to say, "or you'll kick my butt", after which I would have recovered from apoplectic fits of laughter I would've had the greatest blog ending ever. But alas, I see she needs more instruction in the snappy comeback. Gotta work on that.)

(Oh, and establishing that trains do not in fact have butts. They have a caboose (at least some of them do). Now if she'd said "I'll kick your caboose!" that would have lived in the Halls of Fame for many generations to come.)

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