Tuesday, October 28, 2003

And the Winner Is...

The award for Concept That Has Long Outlived its Usefulness goes to...

Switching back and forth from Standard to Daylight Savings Time.

I will step out the door from work today and it will be dark. Darrk (or almost dark). At 5:30.

There are two - and only two - advantages to switching back to Standard Time in the fall:

1) Extra hour of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning (this was great when I was a kid and could sleep another hour before getting up for church, less big of a deal today).

2) It's relatively dark and spooky on Halloween.

Other than that...that's it. You have malaise and depression thrust upon you every evening going home - little time for enjoying that brief hour or so after work to run around outside with the kids, rake the leaves if necessary, walk the dog without tripping over...well, you get the picture.

No, now it's:

a) Wake up!
b) Go to Work!
c) Come home from Work!
d) Bedtime!

Or so it seems. There's no advantage whatsoever to switching back.

Therefore, I propose we stay in Daylight Savings (which is a non sequiter any more - you're not saving daylight, you're preserving it) Time all year round.

Ok, I just thought of a third advantage to the time change - changing the batteries in your smoke detectors. But that's supposed to happen both in the spring and the fall, so it doesn't really count

Who's with me? Abolish the old Standard Time, preserve daylight as long as possible!

Seasonal Affective Disorderlies of the World - Unite!

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