Friday, June 06, 2003

A Round Dog Day

Random excerpts from driving my 3-year-old daughter to day care

GiggleGirlTM: Daddy?

Me: Yes.

Simba had a Round Dog Day.

A what?

A Round Dog Day.

What do you mean a "round dog day"?

You know...(sings) "Free to run a round dog day..." mean "Free to run around all day..." (From The Lion King CD: "Just Can't Wait to be King")

No...a Round Dog Day!!! (sigh) Daddy...


(Passing a road construction truck, drilling a hole in the ground at the corner of an intersection)

Look, honey - look at the cool big drill.

Wow. They're making potholes!

(I wouldn't be surprised, kiddo)


(Driving by a tank farm)



What are those?

Those are the big tanks where they store gasoline. The trucks get gasoline from there and take it to the gas stations where we put it in our cars.

(driving up behind a tanker truck)

See, sweety - there's one of the tanker trucks I was talking about. There's gasoline in that big tank on its back.

No, daddy, it isn't gasoline.

It's not? What's in there?



Milk for the cows.

You mean milk from the cows?

No, for the cows. Milk for the cows to drink. They pour it in big round glasses and the cows drink it.

So cows drink milk? Is it the white cows that give white milk?


What kind of cows give chocolate milk?

Brown cows. (duh...)

Ok, what kind of cows give strawberry milk?


(think I got her on that one)

What do cows eat?

I dunno.

Do they eat...fruit?


Do they


Do they eat...Pop Tarts?


Do they eat...vegetables?

(frustrated) No, Daddy, they eat Pop Tarts!

Do they eat hay?


What do horses eat?


You know they also eat oats.


Mares eat oats, too. And does eat oats. And little lambs eat ivy.
A kid'll eat ivy too...........wouldn't you???


You're funny, Daddy.

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  1. Wonderful story . I love your out look on life and the fun ways to chit chat with your Child. I enjoyed your blog and will link to you.