Monday, January 15, 2007

Zombie Commisioners

If you don't live in Knox County, you won't get this at all. And for that I envy you...

Randy Neal asks:
If someone is appointed and then stands for election and wins, does their appointed term count against the two-term limit?

Michael Silence answers:

Which leads me to ponder:

If it's true that appointed commissioners won't have their abbreviated term count against them should they decide to run for office in 2008, doesn't that logically also mean the term-limited Commissioners could simply be appointed back to their old seats - since the abbreviated terms won't count against term-limits?

They wouldn't be able to run again in 2008, but they would still serve out the remainder of this term.

I can totally see, politically, the Commission doing this "to ensure a smooth transition of power" and to "not disrupt the efficient running of Knox County government services" and to "thank all the outgoing commissioners for their years of outstanding service", etc. etc.

Zombie Commissioners - rising from the dead to eat your brains...

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