Friday, January 12, 2007

Question about "The Office"

Who else watches "The Office"? (counting show of hands) Ok, good.

Laura and I just started getting into this show regularly for just a few weeks now. We're divided on the concept of the show - are we supposed to assume there's a film crew taping the antics of Dunder-Mifflin for some unnamed, long-term documentary (i.e a similar concept used in Christopher Guest's amazing "Waiting For Guffman"/"Best in Show"/"A Mighty Wind" set of mockumentaries)? Or are just supposed to assume we're another worker in the office there with them, watching everything that's going on?

If it's the documentary option, I found it hard to accept(even for the purposes of sitcom satire) they had five different "film crew" that would go out and cover each sales team as they made their visits around the city in last night's episode. Nor do I find it easy to believe the "film crew" would be allowed to film some of the more intimate, emotional or embarrassing moments - at least without some interaction between the characters being filmed and their imaginary documenteers.

Maybe on earlier seasons this whole concept is addressed, we've just missed it. Any assistance?

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