Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Long, Valencia...

...we hardly knew ye (*sniff*)


Six Flags Magic Mountain
CalArts, home of the Walt Disney Modular Theatre
(CTU Estimates) 100,000 people.

Does the fictional nuking of an American city bother anyone else besides me? This is the reason I haven't been able to watch Jericho and why "The Day After" still resides in a dark place in my memory...

UPDATE: Just a point of order, after Season 3 of 24, Jack's daughter Kimberly was said to be living in Valencia with ex-CTU'er Chase and his daughter. After Season 4 and Jack's faked death, Chase left her for parts unknown - presumably she stayed put. During season 5 she is in a relationship with her psychiatrist, but no mention (that I recall) of marriage or moving. Therefore, with a lack of evidence to the contrary Kimberly Bauer may now be so much nuclear vapor.

It may never be mentioned one way or the other, but the one residence that was referred to for her was Valencia, so I would imagine that could be a very devastating plot point very soon for Jack Bauer.

Plus they'll never get to go to Magic Mountain together again...

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