Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My daily readership has gone way down. Am I just that boring? Do I need to post something controversial to get the interest going?

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  1. Stats are deceiving. Do you stats consider feed readers? Perhaps people are beginning to catch onto the power of RSS.

    Of course, WordPress2.1 was just released. It would be a great time to move away from Blogger!

    Getting readership up with good marketing (ie. social networking, technorati tagging, commenting on other blogs, linking from your posts to other blogs, etc) and making sure your blog has good html markup (which I haven't checked) will go farther than shock posts.

    Apparently these 66 bloggers define success. I haven't read any of them yet because they all sound like they define success with a dollar symbol and I don't believe that a blog has to be for profit to be successful. I think a successful blog is one that has a writter who writes. One who publishes regularly and honestly. The readership will follow. I had a link to an article once that showed your readership actually follows your post 3 months after you write it (which is the time it took the material to get into the search engines).