Sunday, January 07, 2007

Uh-1...uh-2...uh-1, 2, 3,....

Friday night I performed on stage in a rock band for the first time.

For years I've been in an orchestra pit (such as they are) leading a band and playing keyboards for stage musicals. I've also performed onstage for plays and musicals, sung everything from jazz to swing to Broadway to oldies and standards. I've been in the chorus, behind a mike, pretended to play a trumpet in a ragtime band, punched out an unruly member of the Argentinian rabble to protect Juan Peron, served drinks to George and Mary Bailey, channeled Ed Sullivan to introduce Conrad Birdie and given Ado Annie a "Persian Goodbye".

But the other day I actually stood behind the keyboard, surrounded by bass, lead guitar, drums, trumpet, sax and trombones. The Atomic Horns band, based in Oak Ridge, played its first gig - a wedding at Cedar Bluff Holiday Inn attended by an estimated 200-250 people.

The bride and groom were young, early-to-mid-20's in my estimation, so the whole wedding party was young. And subsequently had a lot of energy - and they showed it on the dance floor. One couple from the guests obviously had dance experience swing dancing, which was impressive. It felt like the evening was a big success, and gives me encouragement for the future.

I sing solo or "Burnin' Love,", "T-R-O-U-B-L-E", "Volcano", "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You," and "Play That Funky Music" plus backup on most of the rest of the songs in the three sets. Eventually we'll add "CC Rider" and "Fins". I'm also one half of a "Blues Brothers" section where I don the black hat, jacket and shades.

We finally started around 9:30pm and played till pushing 1:00am before the stragglers folded up shop.

We meet Tuesday night to go over and review how we did, and prepare for our second show in early February at a fundraiser for the Oak Ridge Playhouse. This is your chance to come hear us yourselves - more info will be forthcoming.

I can't believe I'm the one singing "Play that Funky Music".....

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