Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sounds Familiar...

Eugene Volokh notes that Slate's "Kerry-isms" and "Bushisms" (short comments making fun of quotes from John Kerry and George Bush:
"I've criticized Kerryisms many times in the past; maybe I've reached the point of diminishing returns. But it just galls me to see this sort of stuff -- not substantive, not funny, just empty snideness descending into self-parody -- in a magazine of Slate's prominence and quality."
Funny, you know - that also describes a lot of today's political blogs and commentators. Skip around the 'sphere and most every site you land on that exclusively comments on the partisan political landscape - from whichever side, it doesn't matter - is using the same tone.

It's not substantive, it's not funny and it's just empty snideness. That's why party loyalty is a farce now, the conventions are a farce and nothing of true statesmanship is coming out of any of them.

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